Cambio de Colores: 16th Annual Conference

The 2018 Cambio de Colores Conference will be in Kansas City on June 6-8, 2018. Please visit the 2018 site for more information.

The 16th annual conference took place in St. Louis on June 14, 15 and 16th, 2017.
PLUS! Extended Education Track on Language, Literacy and Culture on June 16-17.

Thank you to all presenters, speakers, site visit hosts, attendees, sponsors, and collaborators for a successful conference!

2017 Conference proceedings will be available in several months. Check out the 2016 proceedings and the searchable digital library.


The official conference program is available for viewing on the Program page. Check out the Plenary Speakers! Some powerpoints and other materials are available at the top of the Program page.

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Official Conference Program

The conference program is determined by the Planning Committee and conference chairs. All activities (excluding site visits on June 15) will be at the J.C.Penney Conference Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus. See the Program page for more details. View the official conference program below:

Conference topics: Youth Development

Conference Youth Development Track: This track brings together 4-H, extension specialists, researchers, and youth educators to review and engage developments in research, to share updates on implementation of best practices for including Latino and other new populations, and to work collaboratively to share these targeted curricula and projects. As Latino youth become a larger proportion of the population in … Continue reading Conference topics: Youth Development

Conference topics: Health

Conference Health Track: In the age of globalization, more than ever, complexity defines health. Differences in economic circumstances, education, behavioral choices, living conditions and the physical environment can prevent newcomers in the Midwest from being as healthy as the general population, creating additional social and health inequalities. The following topics are very relevant to the conference: networking … Continue reading Conference topics: Health

Conference topics: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: The 2017 conference theme, “Todos Juntos: Collaboration and Unity in Uncertain TImes,” is especially suited to showcase research and educational programs that both explore and enhance the involvement of Latinos and immigrants in entrepreneurial activities. Empowering economic development through this entrepreneurialism can be a key element for the sustainability and expansion of … Continue reading Conference topics: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

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