Letter of Invitation

The organizers of this year’s conference would like to formally invite all interested leaders, organizations, and individuals with a passion for the wellbeing of immigrants and newcomers to attend the 2017 Cambio de Colores Conference. If you are part of an organization or workplace that you feel would benefit from its members or employees building their cultural awareness of Latinos and immigrants, please share this letter of invitation with your superior and peers.

Extended Education Track

New this year, Quality Teachers for English Learners, led by University of Missouri-St. Louis’s Dr. Kim Song, and the Missouri Dual Language Network are co-hosting an Extended Education Track on Language, Literacy, and Culture during the final day of the conference and the day after (8am-5pm on June 16 and 17).

Submissions are invited for the main conference plus the extended education days that are focused on English Learners (ELs), bilingual education, dual language immersion education, the development of welcoming schools, and so on.

The purpose of the extended sessions on language learning is to help teachers and community members prepare linguistically and culturally responsive (LCR) teachers for the increasing number of immigrant children in Missouri and other areas. In these language education sessions, presenters will discuss challenges and solutions that teachers and administrators have when teaching English language learners, and other linguistically and culturally diverse (LCD) learners whose home languages are different from a school language. Attendees will learn about the theoretical framework of LCR teaching, intentional teaching tools, and teaching tips such as dual and multi-language teaching approaches, and co-teaching. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to examine and reflect upon their own teaching beliefs and social perspectives to better understand the needs of LCD learners. The other focus of this event is to promote additional language acquisition of English-only speaking learners we have in Missouri.

More information regarding the Education track can be found on page 7 of the Call for Presentations.