Plenary Speakers

mariana_smMariana Pacheco, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ESL/Bilingual Certification Program
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Keynote presentation:

“Explorando Juntos: Exploring the Organic Intellectualism of Immigrant Students and Communities”

Dr. Mariana Pacheco’s research focuses on how emergent bi(multi)lingual students use their language and literacy abilities across contexts in and out of school. She examines the ways in which different contexts provide bi(multi)lingual and English Learner students meaningful opportunities to use their full cultural, linguistic, and intellectual resources. She is currently developing a project to collaborate and support bilingual teachers interested in ways to leverage students’ resources in the classroom, particularly the translanguaging practices that could enhance learning opportunities for bi(multi)lingual students. In more current work, she explores the extent to which language ideologies affect the privileging of English in bilingual classrooms and how this could limit learning opportunities and create harmful schooling contexts for non-dominant bilingual students in particular.

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