Thank you to all who presented and participated in the 2017 conference! Materials and powerpoints from the conference are available immediately below (and the full program is listed further below). The Extended Education Track materials are available on MODLAN’s site.

Powerpoints and other resources (in order of appearance):

“For the Sake of All: Improving Health and Well-being in St. Louis Post-Ferguson”
Dr. Jason Purnell –Washington University in St. Louis

“Build Your Army: The Power of Local Initiatives in Promoting Immigrant Integration” and Survey for Immigrants and Agencies
Nathaly Perez –Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)

“Integrating Immigrant Economic Development Strategies into Your Region’s Economic Development Mainstream”
Christina Pope –Welcoming America

“Explorando Juntos: Exploring the Organic Intellectualism of Immigrant Students and Communities”
Mariana Pacheco – University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The Role of Social Media for Rural Midwestern Latinos”
Denice Adkins and Heather Moulaison Sandy – University of Missouri-Columbia

“Confronting the New Political Assault on Civil Rights: How Communities Fight Back!”
John F. Dulles – Human Rights Consultancy, Denver, Colorado

“Examining Suggested Accommodations for Emergent Bilinguals in Algebra Textbooks”
Zandra de Araujo, Erin Smith, and Amy Dwiggins – University of Missouri-Columbia
Ji Yeong and Ricardo Martínez – Iowa State University

“Making Challenging Mathematics Accessible for Emergent Bilinguals”
Zandra de Araujo, Erin Smith, and Amy Dwiggins – University of Missouri-Columbia
Ji Yeong and Ricardo Martínez – Iowa State University


The program is determined by the Planning Committee and conference chairs. All activities will be at the J.C.Penney Conference Center at the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus.

Conference presentations will fall under one or more of the defining themes of the conference:


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See the Program-at-a-Glance

Basic conference schedule:

See the Conference Program for a more comprehensive schedule.

Wednesday, June 14

  • 9:30am-12pm: Pre-conference meetings (Student gathering, NCERA 16, SERA 37)
  • 12pm: Optional $10 lunch (request at
  • 1pm: Conference begins with an opening session
  • 6:30pm: Networking dinner (end of day)

Thursday, June 15

  • 7:30am: Coffee and continental breakfast
  • Lunch provided
  • 10:45am-1:45pm: Site visits
  • 4:45pm: End of day

Friday, June 16

  • 8:30am: Coffee and continental breakfast
  • 11:45am: Closing session with optional lunch

Extended Education Track schedule:

Friday, June 16

  • 8:30: Extended Education Track begins (breakfast provided)
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 5:15pm: End of day

Saturday, June 17

  • 8am: Coffee and continental breakfast
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 3:45pm: End of day



All changes to the printed program will be noted here with a yellow highlight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

9:30AM – 12:00PM 
Pre-meeting: NCERA 216 Meeting
Pre-meeting: Students Gathering

12:00PM – 1:00PM
Boxed Lunches are available for purchase ($10) and are not included in registration fees.

1:00PM – 1:50PM
16th Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) Conference Opening Session

2:00PM – 2:50PM
Plenary 1
“For the Sake of All: Improving Health and Well-being in St. Louis Post-Ferguson”
Dr. Jason Purnell –Washington University in St. Louis

3:00PM – 4:15PM
Concurrent Breakout Session 1

Breakout 1A: Change and Integration Workshop
“Build Your Army: The Power of Local Initiatives in Promoting Immigrant Integration”
Nathaly Perez –Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC)

Breakout 1B: Economic Development Presentations
Challenges and Opportunities: Research on Latino Entrepreneurship

“’Hicimos el Camino’ in Michigan: Latino Business Pioneers”
Juan Coronado and Rubén Martinez – Michigan State University

“Analyzing Challenges Among USDA Representatives and Latino Farmers and Ranchers to Involve and Sustain Agribusiness Collaboration in Missouri”
Eleazar U. Gonzalez –University of Missouri-Columbia

“Exploring Acculturation in Latinos’ Engagement in Entrepreneurial Activity in Three Rural Midwestern Communities”
Corinne Valdivia and Aphiradee Wongsiri –University of Missouri-Columbia

“Latino Agricultural Entrepreneurship Project: A Multi-State Effort”
Stephen Jeanetta and Corinne Valdivia – University of Missouri-Columbia
Rubén Martinez – Michigan State University
Jan and Cornelia Flora – Iowa State University

Breakout 1C: Civil Rights Workshop
“Building a Sustainable Infrastructure for Language Access: The University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension’s Emerging Institutional Model for Serving the Needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP) Audiences
Dominic James Ledesma Perzichilli –University of Wisconsin-Madison

Breakout 1D: Education
Best Practices in English Learner and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

“The Effectiveness of Utilizing ELL Instructional Supports and Strategies for IEP Students in the Foreign Language Classroom”
Emily Bowman –University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Culturally Responsive Education Impacting Student Academic Performance via Motivation”
Alex Smith and Laura Gavornik Browning –University of Missouri-Columbia

“Adolescent Immigrants: Listening to their Voices and Leveraging their Strengths”
Mandy Stewart – Texas Woman’s University

Breakout 1E: Health
Research on Understanding and Improving Latino Health

“Understanding of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Perception of Services Among Latinos”
Anne Farina – Saint Louis University

“Looking through the Social Ecological Framework at Migrant Farmworker Health in Nebraska”
Athena Ramos – University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Center for Reducing Health Disparities

“CoMo Radish Institute: Promoting Agriculture and Nutrition Focused ELL Learning”
Maria Kalaitzandonakes and Paula Herrera-Gudiño, University of Missouri-Columbia

Breakout 1F: Youth Development
Engaging Latinos in Youth Development: Best Practices

“Culturally Based Narratives as the Vehicles to Attracting and Retaining Underrepresented Youth to 4-H in the State of Iowa”
Eliseo De León and Norma Dorado Robles –Iowa State University

“Where Have They Been? An Essential Tool to Identify Latinos in the Community You Serve”
Claudia Patricia Diaz Carrasco, Katherine E. Soule, Steven Worker, Maria G. Fabregas Janeiro, J. Borba, R. Hill, and L. Schmitt-McQuitty –University of California

“Developing 4-H Youth Development Programs in Mexico: An Example of Institutional Collaboration”
Maria Guadalupe Fabregas Janeiro and Claudia P. Diaz Carrasco –University of California
Michelle Dojaquez –Secretaria de Fomento Agropecuario del Estado de Baja California

“Toolkits for Increasing Engagement with Diverse Youth Audiences”
Maria Guadalupe Fabregas Janeiro, Katherine Soule, and Steven Worker –University of California

Breakout 1G: Bonus Track – Community Building

“Are you Prepared? Bringing Communities Together to Become More Resilient”
Gabrielle Hane –Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri
Julia Pedrosa –Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph

“Working With Coalitions to Spread Lending Access to Immigrants with ITINs”
Meredith Rataj –St. Francis Community Services
Diego Abente – International Institute of St. Louis

4:30PM – 5:15PM
Moderated Networking Activity By Track Theme

5:30PM –6:30PM
Poster Session and Appetizers

Networking Dinner

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coffee and Continental Breakfast

8:00AM –9:15AM 
Concurrent Breakout Session 2

Breakout 2A: Change and Integration Research
Research on Placemaking in Old and New Settlement Areas

“Racializing the Spatialized Public Sphere: Centering Latina/o/x Newcomer Placemaking Efforts in the Localized Political Process”
Aaron Arredondo –University of Missouri-Columbia

“The Political Economy of Placemaking in Latinx Communities of Kansas City”
Alejandro Garay-Huaman and Clara Irazábal-Zurita – University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Understanding Hispanics and Sense of Community in Rural Nebraska”
Marcela Carvajal, Melissa Leon, and Athena Ramos –University of Nebraska Medical Center

Breakout 2B: Economic Development Panel
“¡Bienvenido a St. Louis! Creating Connections, Resources and Economic Development Opportunities for Latinos to Thrive”
Suzanne Sierra, Betsy Cohen, Vin Ko – St. Louis Mosaic Project
Diego Abente – International Institute of St. Louis
Gabriela Ramirez-Arellano – Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

Breakout 2C: Civil Rights Workshop
“Taking Back the Immigration Narrative”
Denzil Mohammed – The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

Breakout 2D: Education Research
International Student and Exchange Experiences

“Pedagogical Development Through Global Programs”
Areej Alghamdi and Norah Althuwaikh – Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia and Saint Louis University

“Motivations and Resilience of International Students in U.S. Universities”
Heba Mostafa and Yongsun Lim –Saint Louis University

“International Students and Western Academic Culture”
Dannielle Joy Davis, Essa Adhabi, Faisal Alzahrani, Salman Almalki, and Chris Presley – Saint Louis University

Breakout 2E: Health Research
Research on Factors Affecting Access to Healthcare

“Structural Factors Shaping Access to Healthcare among Mexican Women in the Chicago Area”
Julia Albarracin and Michael Kohler –Western Illinois University

“The Impact of Acculturation and Social Capital on Latinos’ Access to Health Care in the State of Missouri”
Maria Rodriguez Alcala, Stephen Jeanetta, and Ioana Staiculescu – University of Missouri – Columbia

“Latinx and LGBTQ: Results of a Missouri LGBT Need’s Assessment”
Daniel B. Stewart,  SAGE of PROMO Fund, PROMO

Breakout 2F: Youth Development
Youth Family Research and La Voz: Latinos Engaging Panel

“State of Research on the Role of Siblings in Resiliency and Risk in Youth”
Sarah Killoren – University of Missouri-Columbia

“La Voz: Latinos Engaging for Family and Community Advocacy”
AnaMaria Diaz Martinez, Drew Betz, Rebecca Sero, and Gina Ord –Washington State University

Breakout 2G: Bonus Track
“Fostering Latino Parent Involvement in US Schools and Classrooms”
Lina Trigos-Carrillo, Erin Smith, and Kathryn Chval –University of Missouri-Columbia

9:30AM –10:30AM 
Plenary 2 – Facilitating Integration through Collaboration and Unity in St. Louis

F. Javier Orozco, OFS, PHD
Executive Director of Intercultural and Interreligious Affairs for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.
Karlos Ramirez
President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro St. Louis

Lt. Col. (Ret) Jaime Torres
Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis
ERIBEC & Associates

Eileen Wolfington
Professional Latino Action Network (PLAN)
Coordinator of Health & Wellness Program, Kingdom House

Moderated by J.S. Onésimo (Ness) Sandoval, Saint Louis University

10:45AM –1:45PM
At UMSL in room 202 :
“Building Inclusive Communities: Creating Empathy around Health Disparities”
Ioana Staiculescu and Stanton Hudson – Center for Health Policy of University of Missouri

The workshop was developed to advance the dialogue about health disparities by engaging participants in an activity called Crossing the Lines and by facilitating a discussion of the topic among stakeholders, including members of the community, academia, the health care community, and business; policy makers; and philanthropic organizations. The goal of the workshop is to also consider the progress –and/or lack thereof—that has been made over the past decade to reduce health disparities.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:
1. Understand the impact of oppression on different groups in society
2. Build empathy by pointing out how most of us have been targeted by oppression in one way or another
3. Realize the real and measurable effects of prejudice, discrimination, and institutional oppression
5. Practice strategies to challenge and educate when encountering microagressions and other manifestations of bias

Site Visits
Change and Integration:
Kingdom House

Kingdom House believes in transformation…from the inside out.  Through holistic programs and services, it promotes empowerment and growth in individuals and families. It helps the economically disadvantaged achieve economic independence, self-sufficiency and a path out of poverty. Kingdom House was founded in 1902 as a settlement house, and more than 100 years after its founding, it continues to provide critical social services to the poorest of the poor in St. Louis, including health and wellness programming, language classes, academic support and job readiness training, after school and summer camp programs and much more.

Civil Rights and Political Participation: International Institute of St. Louis

The International Institute is St. Louis’ welcoming center for new Americans. Its mission is to help immigrants and their families become productive Americans and champion ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength.
It provides essential community integration services to more than 7,500 immigrants and refugees from 80 countries each year. Its clients range from low-skilled to high-skilled and from non-literate to university-educated. Programs include employment and training services, refugee resettlement, economic development including entrepreneurship services, and activities to connect newcomers and the wider community and build appreciation for cultural diversity.

Economic Development: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis seeks to improve business opportunities for Hispanic firms and professionals thereby improving the economic development of the St. Louis region. The objective of the Hispanic Chamber is to promote and support Hispanic small businesses through programs, services, and legislative advocacy. This site visit will travel to Cherokee St. where a representative will share some of the history of the street and discuss the Hispanic Chamber’s role in the business community. Lunch will be in a restaurant that is a member of the Chamber.

Education: ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program of St. Louis Public Schools

The ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program of St. Louis Public Schools serves over 2,700 English Language Learners (ELLs) in K-12 grade so that students can develop both language and content knowledge. The ESOL Program supports 18 ESOL center schools with high number of ELLs as well as over 50 other district schools that have a smaller number of ELLs. The supports include professional development to teachers and staff, counseling and social work supports for ELLs as well as bilingual support for students, families, and district staff. During the site visit, conference participants will learn about instructional and student support services as well as parent supports within the ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program.

Health: Casa de Salud

The mission of Casa de Salud is to facilitate and deliver high-quality clinical and mental healthcare to the uninsured, with a special focus on the immigrant community, who encounter barriers to accessing other forms of care. They do this by partnering with volunteer physicians and health & human service agencies throughout the region to foster health and hope so people can become productive participants in our community. Its model is predicated on cooperation and collaboration. Instead of trying to deliver myriad services at one location, it provides basic primary care and then work with other organizations throughout the region to deliver specialty services. This allows Casa to be more sustainable, reduces the costs incurred by our partners associated with uncompensated care for chronic illnesses, and integrates the foreign born community into the systems of care used by everyone in the region.

Youth Development: St. Francis Community Services

St. Francis Community Services provides culturally and linguistically competent social services, mental health counseling, and youth programming to the Latino and Vietnamese immigrant communities of the St. Louis area at our Southside location. Come see our space and talk about our after-school program for children of immigrant families to discuss what works well and what doesn’t so we can all learn from each other.

2:15PM –3:15PM

Plenary 3 – Strategies and Collaborations for Latino Empowerment: The Role of Community Colleges

Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson
Executive Director of the Illinois Community College Board

Dr. Anthony Cruz
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at St. Louis Community College

Moderated by Sal Valadez, Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA)

3:30PM –4:45PM
Concurrent Breakout Session 3

Breakout 3A: Change and Integration
Immigrant Organizations and Service Providers: Context and Future

“The Landscape of Immigrant Nonprofit Organizations in New and Established Immigrant Destination Counties”
Kate Olson –University of Missouri –Columbia

“Building a Network; Creating Change”
Nancy Spargo –St. Louis Center for Family Development
Kristine Walentik –Catholic Immigration Law Project
Meredith Rataj –St. Francis Community Services

“Immigrants’ Stereotypes of Service Providers and Charitable Organizations in St. Louis Metropolitan Region”
Adriano Udani –University of Missouri –St. Louis

Breakout 3B: Economic Development Workshop
“Integrating Immigrant Economic Development Strategies into Your Region’s Economic Development Mainstream”
Christina Pope –Welcoming America

Breakout 3C: Civil Rights – Two Workshops
Collaborations for Refugee Children and Sponsor Readiness

“How to Start or Strengthen Collaboration: Refugees Children in USA Schools”
Myriam Marquez – Central Missouri Community Action Head Start Program
Kimberly Dominguez -Missouri State University Student

“Empowerment, Education and Innovation: The Sponsor Readiness Program Model”
Virginia Fitchett – Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Helany Sinkler – Esperanza Center, Catholic Charities of Baltimore

Breakout 3D: Education
Research on Higher Education and Experiences of Change

“The Latino/a Student Engineering Experience at the University of Missouri”
Miguel Elias Ayllon and Tojan Rahhal – University of Missouri-Columbia

“What We Discovered in the Desert: The Impact of an Experiential Learning Trip to the U.S.-Mexico Border on Latinx and non-Latinx students”
Jennifer Tello Buntin – Lewis University

“Urban Latina/o Leaders’ Focus on Familia for Undergraduate College Success”
Uzziel Pecina and Deanna Marx – University of Missouri-Kansas City

Breakout 3E: Health
Health Best Practices: Tools and Training

“Training Bilingual Social Workers”
Lissette Piedra – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“BeAWARE: A Domestic Violence Prevention Program”
Nicole Crespi – Centro Latino de Salud, Columbia, MO

“Improving Health Literacy Among Diabetic Hispanic/Latino Patients”
Mary Shannon – Casa de Salud, St. Louis, MO

“Health Equality for All Americans: Providing Minorities with the Necessary Tools to Live Healthy, Happy and Productive Lives”
Bertha Mendoza – Kansas State Research and Extension

Breakout 3F: Youth Development
Positive Youth Development Best Practices

“Latino Youth Development: What’s Positive? What’s Possible”
Ricardo Diaz – University of Illinois

“Nurturing Latino Communities in the U.S. from the Ground Up: 4-H Youth Acquiring a Sense of Pride and the Program Elements that Lead to Sustained Youth Involvement
Claudia Patricia Diaz Carrasco, Maria Guadalupe Fabregas Janeiro,  Stephanie L. Barrett, and Yolva J. Gil – University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

“Implementing 4-H Positive Youth Developmental Programs with Latino Youth & Families”
Maria Guadalupe Fabregas Janeiro – University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Amanda Zamudio – University of Arizona
Elver Pardo – University of Florida
Ricardo Diaz – University of Illinois

“The Effects of Parenting Practices on U.S. Mexican Early Adolescents’ Prosocial Behaviors via Sociocognitive and Socioemotive Skills”
Sarah L. Pierotti and Gustavo Carlo – University of Missouri-Columbia
George Knight – Arizona State University

Breakout 3G: Lightning Round
Lightning Round – A Series of Five Minute Presentations

“Together We Can”
Gabrielle Hane –Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

“The Art of Growing Stronger Together”
Julia Pedrosa and Gabrielle Hane –AmeriCorps/Catholic Charities of Kansas City

“The Impact of Immigration & Detention in Missouri”
Mary Louise Elizabeth Pabello and Yareli Urbina – St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America

“Midwest Immigration: A Demographic Lifeline”
Sara McElmurry – The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

“Understanding the College Experiences of Muslim Female Students in US Higher Education”
Heba Mostafa and Farah Habli – Saint Louis University

“Culturally Responsive Classrooms
Kaylee Robertson –University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Friday, June 16, 2017

Extended Education Track Registration Opens

Coffee and Continental Breakfast

Extended Education Track (EET) Welcome
Kim H. Song – University of Missouri-St. Louis
Lisa Dorner – University of Missouri
Ryan Rumpf – ELL Curriculum Director at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

9:00AM –10:00AM
Plenary 4
“Explorando Juntos: Exploring the Organic Intellectualism of Immigrant Students and Communities”
Mariana Pacheco – University of Wisconsin-Madison

10:15AM –11:30AM
Concurrent Breakout Session 4

Breakout 4A: Change and Integration
Understanding and Reaching Immigrant Populations

“Latino Wisconsin: Needs Assessment and Family Integration, 2015-2016”
Armando Ibarra – University of Wisconsin-Extension

“The Role of Social Media for Rural Midwestern Latinos”
Denice Adkins and Heather Moulaison Sandy – University of Missouri-Columbia

“Changes in Rural America: A Follow-up Multi-lingual Study in Southwest Kansas”
Debra J. Bolton – Kansas State University

“Moving Up or Falling Behind? Occupational Mobility of Children of Immigrants Based on their Parents’ Home Country Occupation”
Stephanie Potochnick – University of Missouri-Columbia
Matthew Hall – Cornell University

Breakout 4B: Economic Development
See 4A: Understanding and Reaching Immigrant Populations

Breakout 4C: Civil Rights Workshop
“Confronting the New Political Assault on Civil Rights: How Communities Fight Back!”
John F. Dulles – Human Rights Consultancy, Denver, Colorado

Breakout 4D: Education
Best Practices and Academic Achievement for English Learners

“Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Math Teaching for ELLs: Case Studies of In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers’ Training to Practice”
Sarah A. Coppersmith, Kaylee Robertson and Heidi Waeltermann – University of Missouri-St. Louis

“English Language Learners’ Academic Achievement in a Spanish Language Immersion School”
Ibtihal Salman – University of Missouri-St. Louis

“Curriculum Based Measures and Motivated Behavior to Inform Writing Instruction for English Language Learners”
Alex Smith and Matthew Peterson – University of Missouri-Columbia

Breakout 4E: Health
“¡Hablemos! ¡Hagamos una diferencia! Let’s talk! Let’s Make a Difference! A Holistic Approach of Pregnancy Prevention among Hispanics/Latinos in Southwest Missouri”
Daisy B. Collins and Susan Dollar – Missouri State University

Breakout 4F: Youth Development
“4-H Latino Advisory Committee: How to Establish One at the State and/or Local Level”
Lupe Landeros – National 4-H Council
Ricardo Diaz – University of Illinois
Elver Pardo – University of Florida

“What support do you need to increase the participation of the Latino Community in Youth Development Programs?”
4-H National Council – Latino Advisory Committee – Capacity Building Subcommittee: Maria Guadalupe Fabregas Janeiro, Aliah Mestrovich Seay, Diana Urieta, E.N. Escobar, A. Turner, E. González Jr., Laura Valencia

Breakout 4G: Bonus Track – Education
Critical Education Policies and Practices for Immigrant Children

“The Role of the State Education Agency in Effectively Supporting Recently Arrived English Learners”
Lorna Porter – University of Oregon College of Education

“The Need for Critical Pedagogy in Dual Language Education to Dismantle Inequities”
Lisa Dorner – University of Missouri-Columbia

“Examining Suggested Accommodations for Emergent Bilinguals in Algebra Textbooks”
Zandra de Araujo, Erin Smith, and Amy Dwiggins – University of Missouri-Columbia
Ji Yeong and Ricardo Martínez – Iowa State University

11:45AM -1:00PM
Closing Activity and Lunch 


June 16, Continued:

All conference attendees are welcome to participate in the Extended Education Track. It is included in conference registration fees.

1:30PM –2:45PM
EET Breakout 5

Breakout 5A – Workshop
“Empowering ELL Parents in St. Louis Public Schools”
Alla Gonzalez Del Castillo, Maria Childress, Elena Okanovic and Heather Tuckson – St. Louis Public Schools

Breakout 5B – Workshop
“Legos, Language, and Literacy”
Marlow Barton – Education Plus

3:00PM –4:15PM
EET Breakout 6

Breakout 6A – Workshop
“DESE, Language Education, and ESSA”
Ryan Rumpf – ELL Curriculum at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Breakout 6B
English Learners and Latinx Students in Education

“Technology and English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction”
Obed Barron and Daisy Barron Collins –Missouri State University

“A Qualitative Case Study Investigating Multiple Processes of Adaptation”
Daisy Collins – Missouri State University

Learning Through Stories: Collaboration of Parents and Children in Family Literacy Events”
Edwin Nii Bonney and Lisa Dorner – University of Missouri-Columbia

4:30 – 5:15 PM – Debrief

Dinner On Your Own

Saturday, June 17, 2017

8 AM
Continental Breakfast and Coffee

9 AM – 11:45AM
Workshop: “Linguistically Responsive Approaches in the Classroom”
Mariana Pacheco – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Patricia Venegas – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

12:00PM – 1:00PM

1:10PM –2:20PM
EET Breakout 7

Breakout 7A – Panel
“Introducing the St. Louis CoTeach for ELLs Regional Initiative”
Debra ColeMissouri Migrant and English Language Learning
Alla Gonzalez Del Castillo – St. Louis Public Schools
Jacqui Schilling – Mehlville School District
Cara Russell – Bayless School District
Robert Greenhaw – Confluence Charter School
Anna Coe – Hazelwood School District

Breakout 7B – Workshop
“Making Challenging Mathematics Accessible for Emergent Bilinguals”
Zandra de Araujo, Erin Smith, and Amy Dwiggins – University of Missouri-Columbia
Ji Yeong and Ricardo Martínez – Iowa State University

EET Breakout 8

Breakout 8A – Workshop
“Scaffolding Academic Language through Sentence Frames”
Debra ColeMissouri Migrant and English Language Learning
Sandra Cox – University City School District
Jennifer Burnett – Flynn Park Elementary, University City School District

Breakout 8B – Panel
“A Transforming Journey to Become Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Teachers for ELs”
Kim Song, Sujin Kim, Lauren Preston, Sarah Coppersmith and Heidi Waeltermann– University of Missouri – St. Louis

Wednesday Poster Session Participants:

“A Look at Gender-neutral and Culturally-appropriate Toys”
Debra Bolton – Garden City, KS
Samantha Warner – Nixa, MO

“Understanding the Importance of Latino and Hispanic Integration in the Missouri State Legislature”
Pedro Guerrero

“Pathways to Prosocial Behaviors in Latino Adolescents: The Role Family Economic Stress and Parenting”
Zehra Gülseven and Sarah E. Killoren–University of Missouri –Columbia
Edna C. Alfaro – Texas State University

“Addressing America’s Language Gap through Dual Language Programs”
Dianey Leal –Texas A&M University

“Citation Analysis of Latina/o Career Articles Published Between 1969-2015 across Four Vocational Journals”
Bo Hyun Lee and Lisa Y. Flores  – University of Missouri-Columbia

DC Pumas 4-H Club Minnesota State Fair First Generation Experience”
 Tammy Lorch –University of Minnesota Extension

“Understanding Health Disparities in U.S. Latino Youth: Relations Between Prosocial Behaviors and Health Behaviors”
Sahitya Maiya, Miriam Martinez, and Gustavo Carlo –University of Missouri –Columbia

“Lessons from Farmworker’s Consumer Boycotts as Strategy to Address Harsh
Working Conditions and Low Wage Rates”
Jamille Palacios Rivera –University of Missouri –Columbia

“A Demographic Profile of Latino Neighborhoods in the United States”
Pedro Ruiz and Onésimo Sandoval – Saint Louis University

“Parenting and Prosocial Behaviors Among Latino Youth: The Mediating Role of Familism Values”
Cara Streit and Gustavo Carlo –University of Missouri –Columbia

“A Comparison of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Among Immigrant & Native-Born American Adolescents”
Lauren Terzis –Saint Louis University

“The Impact of Immigration & Detention in Missouri”
Yareli Urbina and Mary Louise Elizabeth Pabello –St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America

“Newcomer Community: Linking Social Capital and Political Action in the Midwest, USA”
Aphiradee Wongsiri –University of Missouri –Columbia